Tour to Enjoy Traditional Crafts Using Nippon Akane (Japanese Madder),the Revived Ancient Dye,and Indigo

Nippon Akane and Indigo
3 Days to Enjoy Ancient Plant Dyeing
November 3 – 5, 2023

You will visit The Little Indigo Museum in Miyama located in Kayabuki no Sato (thatched village) in the morning, and then visit Kyoto Hozuai Studio in the afternoon to hear the story of the revival of hozuai, which is known as “Kyo no mizuai (water Indigo of Kyoto )” or “Japan blue”. You will also try tie-dyeing with hozuai.
On day 2, you will dig up the ancient phantom dye Nippon akane in a farm and try dyeing using it on day 3.
(On November 18-19 we will also have a 2 days tour to experience digging up & dyeing of Nippon akane.)

Samurai Armor Workshop Tour and
Armor Parade at Kamigamo Shrine
November 22 – 23, 2023

Armor in the Heian period was designed to overwhelm enemies by its beauty while protecting oneself. You will visit the workshop of Ms. Ako Myochin, the sole successor to the Heian period armor making and learn about it.
On day 2 you’ll enjoy watching armor parade held at Kamigamo Shrine, the world heritage site. You can even join the parade with wearing the real armor but this option is limited to only 3 people and those who are not joining the parade will visit Umetsuji residence, a cultural heritage which also has a shoin relocated from the Imperial Palace.

2 Days to Experience
Kyo Shibori and Bunraku
(Traditional Japanese Puppet Theater)
December 16 – 17, 2023

Kyo shibori is a delicate and unique dyeing technique that can be used to create picturesque expressions. You will learn the tradition and technique of Kyo shibori, and try dyeing with precious Nippon akane.
On day 2, you will enjoy a lecture performance of Bunraku, after watching a video showing the process of reproduction of the costume from Edo period.


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